Student loan bailouts

Following closely on the heels of Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s recent proposal to subsidize student loans through the Federal Reserve, another senator is taking aim at student loan debt with a bill that would give a borrowers a huge break but leave taxpayers scrambling to make up the difference.

A better, more practical, and fairer solution would be to allow student loans to be discharged in bankruptcy. But that would eat radically into the profits of the bankers, who these days are an arm of the Cathedral.

Bankers rotate in and out of other arms, such as the Fed, Congress (Corzine, e.g.), academia, hence my calling them part of the Cathedral. That cannot be allowed to happen; the Cathedral protects its own. So the taxpayers must be tapped to pay for a reduction in student debt.

Students themselves are for the most part unblinking believers in progressivism, so they can’t be allowed to wilt on the vine. University education itself is one of the doctrines of progressivism; all must go to college so that all may be equalized. So the wisdom of taking on a large debt to attend a university that indoctrinates and equalizes, this likewise can’t be questioned. Once you start questioning something like higher ed, all kinds of questions become pertinent.

No, better not ask such leading questions and just have the taxpayers ante up for more progessivism.

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